Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Waiting patiently. Yep, patiently. That's what I'm doing. Not pacing at all...

Well, Hunted is currently listed as Coming Soon on Excessica's website. It's in the process of being edited which can take a few weeks, so I'm trying not to get too excited too soon. But it's a bit like waiting for Christmas. And I mean the six year old, can't sleep because you're listening for reindeer on the roof kind, not the worrying about the credit card and whether Uncle Bob will get drunk and pee in the fireplace again kind!!

So in the meantime I've been keeping my mind on other things, and I've been making some beads in the hope that I'll eventually get a bracelet to show them off on. Here's my latest attempt:

Not immensely fantastic, but I'm quite pleased with it. Now while we're waiting for Hunted to finish the editing process, please do take a look at all of the other great content that is already available on Excessica. There's some free content, too!

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